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Guest Use Agreement / Terms & Conditions

Home Type: 3 Bedroom/2 Bath, Oceanfront (1)story Hawaiian Pole Home, located on over (1) acre. Home is completely furnished in all rooms. Ceiling Fans-Bedrooms & Living room, TV, VCR DVD, CD/Radio, complete Kitchen Appliances, Bedding, Bath Linens, Starter supply of Soap, Paper & Cleaning Products, Deck furniture, Beach chairs, Hammock, Phone, Fax. *(PLEASE USE THE COLORED TOWELS FOR BEACH USE PLEASE DO NOT USE WHITE HOUSE TOWELS OR LINENS FOR BEACH)

Bedding: Master Bedroom-(King), Bedroom#2-(Queen), Bedroom#3-(Bunk-Bed)-Full-Size/lower bunk, Twin/upper bunk & Twin/trundle bed pullout

Phone/Fax: Phone and fax are available for use if needed. (Please use a Long-Distance Phone Card) Please note: any/all long distance charges will be deducted from security deposit. Local calls OK.

Reservation Policy: If the agreement and deposit are not received by the due date, alternative On-Hold/Secondary reservations may be immediately accepted in place of this reservation. If the final rental payment is not received by the due date the reservation may be deemed cancelled by the guest and any deposits previously paid may be forfeited.

Refund/Cancellation Policy: Cancellations are permitted if the reservation period requested is re-rented at the equivalent rate. (There is NO refund unless the home is re-rented at the equivalent rate). Owner(s) retain the right to re-reserve the property at their own discretion.
Refunds will be made if the property becomes uninhabitable. There are no refunds for early departure, delayed arrival, or any unused portion of this reservation. Please consider Travel/Trip Insurance. www.travelexinsurance.com

  1. Guest is aware that reservation is accepted for one family, or group of individuals listed on this form. This reservation is for quiet residential reservations only.
  2. Guest acknowledges that this is a Non-Smoking Residence, and agrees to completely refrain from any smoking on the premises. (Please respect this, and only smoke on the exterior areas) A $500 charge/fee will be assessed if not honored.
  3. Guest acknowledges cultural beliefs�(Please leave all shoes & sandals outside at all times)
  4. Guest acknowledges that Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Receptions, Luaus, Wedding Ceremonies etc are not permitted without written approval of William Large.
  5. No loud amplified outdoor music, drums or other non-residential entertainment.
  6. Guest will abide by noted parking restrictions and allowable number of vehicles for this reservation.
  7. Owner reserves the right to evict, without delay any persons who cause damage to the property or violate the law or act contrary to any of the conditions of the Guest Use Agreement/Contract herein. Property is located within a residential neighborhood and should be aware that any type of excessive noise day or night may disturb the neighbors, and will be grounds for immediate eviction. Quiet hours are from 10:00 PM-8:00 AM.
  8. Guests are responsible for damage or loss to any/all furnishings or inventory that are located in or moved from the residence premises. Please do not move any furnishings from their original locations.
  9. Guests will leave the property in the same condition at departure as at check-in time.
  10. Guests shall be liable and responsible for the safety and acts of all family and other persons while on the property. Guests shall not permit the use of any/all premises to any individual(s), groups etc that are not a party to or listed on this reservation agreement.
  11. There are certain risks inherent to persons and property in and around the ocean, and all persons will be responsible for exercising due caution and agree to enter ocean at their own risk.
  12. Guest is aware that home is not air-conditioned.
  13. Should TV, VCR, DVD, CD Radio, Telephone, Fax, BBQ or any other Mechanical/Electrical device become inoperable, this agreement will not be voided.
  14. Guest agrees to immediately notify the appropriate party(s) of any damage, fire, water-leaks or malfunction.
  15. Guest is responsible for all keys and is to return them to the appropriate area upon departure/check-out.
  16. Guest is not allowed to sub-rent or re-assign this rental agreement, substitute or add occupants without prior written approval.
  17. Guest shall not bring any pets on the property under any circumstance.
  18. Guest will rinse off all sand and sun lotions/oils before entering house.
  19. Despite pest control efforts all homes may experience a small amount of bugs including small lizards known as Geckos, small ants and various insects.
  20. Guest waives all rights he or she may have under the Residential Landlord/Tenant Code of Hawaii revised statutes Chapter 521 since this is a short term Transient Vacation Accommodation Reservation and not a long-term lease.
  21. In the event of holdover by guest beyond the departure date agreed to in this confirmation, guest shall pay an amount equal to 2x the daily rate described herein for each and every day of such holdover.
  22. Guest is aware that home is provided with all items, appliances, inventory etc in good/clean working condition.
  23. Guest acknowledges that certain items may at any time be removed/changed, and/or in process of repair prior to guests arrival, and this will not void this agreement.
  24. All problems will be attempted to be corrected ASAP upon proper notification of such.
  25. Owner, Mgmt. Company, Caretaker, Cleaner, Repairman may enter the property at any time to make repairs/inspections with a minimum of (1) hour notice.

Liability & Indemnifications: Guest hereby indemnifies, defends and holds William Large, Kewela CPR/HOA-(home location), Agents, (and their officers, employees, shareholders, attorneys, heirs, successors and/or assigns) harmless from any and all claims, demands, actions, causes of action, claims for relief, liability, judgments, costs, expenses, injuries and damages of whatever name or nature, including but not limited to high surf, inclement weather and sudden pest infestation, arising out of or related to the occupancy of the property by all registered guests, visitors and invitees. Owners and their agent(s) provide no warranties regarding the condition of the property and are not responsible for defects therein. If any defects or hazardous conditions are discovered on the property, guest shall immediately notify owner and/or their agent(s) and will avoid said condition until repairs or remedies are made. Owners, agent(s) and their aforementioned are not responsible for theft or damage to guest’s personal property.

Security/Damage/Incidentals Deposit: William Large and their agent(s) shall obtain a security/damage/incidentals cash deposit as noted on Confirmation. Also, a *Credit Card will be secured for additional security, and I/We authorize the use of such for any/all additional compensatory compensation/damage/expenses etc… Such deposit shall be retained by Owner and/or all aforementioned representative(s) without liability for interest and may, at it’s option and without prejudice to any other remedy apply a portion or entire amount of deposit to compensate for costs, any loss of property or damage/soiling/staining to property or furnishings or for guests failure to comply with terms of Guest Use Agreement. Evidence of the cost of remedy or replacement will be provided in writing. Copies of long distance phone bills, TV/Satelite bills will also be provided. A 15% service charge for coordination of payment, repairs or replacement may be added. I/We also agree that there will be no dispute over any charges assessed/charged on our credit card, so long as evidence of such damage is provided. If guest complies with Guest Use Agreement and there is no excessive soiling, staining or damage to property or contents or loss of property or contents, deposit will be refunded in full within 45 days of departure.

Guest Acknowledgment: I/We warrant that I/We have read, understand and voluntarily agree to this Accounting Confirmation, Guest Use Agreement, Liability Release, Express Assumption of Risk and agree to abide by the restrictions on use of said property. I/We further understand and represent that I/We are executing this agreement on behalf of all parties that will occupy or visit the said property. I/We understand and agree that this is a legal document.